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DGL Contracting’s founder and owner is Doug Golemme.  Doug is a lifelong resident of Rockland, with deep family roots in the community going back 3 generations (85+ years).

DGL formed in 1995 & started very small mowing residential lawns and snowplowing driveways in the Rockland & Hingham area. Over the years Doug has been calculated and disciplined in growing his business using the “Smart Growth” method he learned through acquiring his degree in business management.

Through the years DGL would only accept clients and jobs that we could actually handle, and this has resulted in an extremely loyal and long-term customer base. Many current clients of DGL are from the original client list from over 25 years ago!

DGL’s services have expanded from residential lawn maintenance and snow plowing to all aspects of outdoor property maintenance, hardscape, commercial snow removal and site construction. 

The company has many full-time employees that are fully trained and properly licensed to perform the task at hand.  DGL, again using the smart growth method, has invested in all the necessary equipment to perform the jobs outlined on our website. 

DGL is not a corporate giant that lacks the personal touch or a small company that makes promises they cannot deliver. If DGL is hired to do a job, you can trust that job has been fully vetted and DGL can handle all aspects of that job.

DGL uses the motto  “Right People – Right Equipment – Right Experience” for a good reason, We live by this.


  • Right People: The DGL staff is fully trained in landscape maintenance, landscape construction, excavation, irrigation, hardscape, utility installation, and snow removal.
  • Right Equipment: DGL has several dump trucks, pick-up trucks, and pieces of heavy equipment that make the company versatile, reliable, and mobile. DGL has a fleet of Landscape and Construction equipment. We only invest in the best equipment, fully vetted by Doug himself, and this results in better customer service and fewer equipment breakdowns.  DGL is constantly investing in the most modern and innovative equipment. This makes us stand out from the rest.
  • Right Experience:  Along with Doug’s over 30+ years of experience our team members have over 80 combined years of experience to complete your job the right way. This results in better job planning, execution, and of course results for our customers.

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Massachusetts Construction Supervisor Licensed

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Servicing the Areas of Rockland, Norwell, Hingham,Hanover, Scituate